Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project: Loving to Learn

This video did an excellent job at informing me of the various was children learn and engage in education by relating what they are learning to what they love. I realized even more so after watching this video that kids are more likely to be involved in the learning process when the learning process is something they can actually personally relate to.

Things such as learning to building robots, creating blueprints, and science experiments are great ways of taking education and classroom work and turning it into something that children can actually use in their daily lives, as well as skills they will need to know in the future. By doing experiments such as these children are much more likely to pay attention to you as a teacher and will be more willing to participate in class. The kids that were interviewed during this video are proof that experiments like this have them extremely excited about learning, which is something all of our children need. Kids need to be able to have the want and desire to learn, or they won't in fact learn anything.

Though building robots was never something I got to experience as a child I do recall that anytime and experiement or project was involved into a lesson I was about ten times more willing to work hard on that project, inadvertenly I eneded up learning more about the subject matter then if I'd just read something from a book. As a kid in elementary school having day where we were able to just create different things was exciting and it made me want to continue learning and actually stay at school. Something as small as creating your own story book to making a volcano makes a learning experience that much more interesting and memorable, it also makes that information stick. Children of all ages need hands on projects, even high school kids. As teachers, if we focused more on projects rather than drilling memorization skills we may become better educators, our children may begint to learn more. Children need to enjoy school adn learning, if your classroom could learn to ove learning you would probably be amazed and how much they do in fact learn.


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