Monday, February 1, 2010


I really enjoyed watching this video of Luis and his love and involvment with technology. Unlike most teens his age, he is not only using technology as a means for social networking but to help out his family and further his education. Most teen and even young adults simply use forms of technology as a social aspect rather than an edcuational learning tool. I admire Luis and the things that he does to help his family, like online banking and bill pay with his mother. His mother and father grew up less fortunate and in a different time and are attempting to make a better life for their children, it's amazing that this 18 year old kid is helping out the way that he does, without being asked. He is also planning for his furture by using all these forms of technology, especially by traveling to different locations around the world to discuss and present information on technology. I believe there need to be alot more teens like Luis in our schools today.

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