Monday, February 1, 2010


A 21st Century Love Affair with Destruction:

I found this video to be a bit overwhelming at first but I grew to like it once the information was being presented. I believe Michaela did a great job at talking about the stats of and reality of drug use and it's addiction. I think having a young voice speak about such things is an incredible thing. I am not sure however if I would have included the legalization of marijana a topic in this video. I found the information to be a bit hypocritical and somewhat 'out of the blue.' After going along through the video listening to the affects of drugs and alochol and how they are gateway drugs I wasn't sure how that could lead into her discussing if we should follow the Dutch government. She did however do her research on the Dutch government and the pros and cons to the legalization of marijana. It's a bit hard for me to agree because I don't believe it should be legalized, I believe with our country and socitey the way that it is with drugs and addiction it would only lead to more addictions of harder drugs. Overall, I thought this was a great video!

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  1. Hey Kara, I agree that the video is really good and I think she did and overall great job. I would also have to say that I thought the legalization of marijana topic was hypocrital as well, but other than that I liked it.