Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Digiteens was a great video that explores how teens learn, share, and use technology. This video is teens helping teens by using their knowledge of the digital world to create help videos about harms and concerns when using technology. Things suchs as: online shopping, texting while driving, and how to properly use social networking sites are addressed. Throughout the video it shows teens creating wiki characters to help interact and share information with one another. This video really showed me how aware some teens are about these issues and tht they are able to use their knowledge and become teachers themselves for kids their age as well as younger children. This is an excellent way to reach out to teens because it is being addressed in a way that they understand.

Though I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a rather technologically savy generation it doesnt even compare to today's generation and their use of technology, it kind of makes me feel old when I see the technology access and advances kids today have and I'm only 21. I am glad though that I was never exposed to things such as cyberbullying. Being taunted at school as a teenager is hard enough to deal with, now teens today can't seem to esacape the bullying because it coninues at home when they are checking their facebooks. I do believe it is important for teens today to know to how properly use technology and things such as social networking sites, they need to learn rules and boundaries primarily to keep themselves safe. The Digiteens do a great job at trying to reach this goal.

I really did enjoy this video and would like to incorporate it into my classroom one day, however teaching kids at the average age of 7 may make that task a bit difficult, they may not be ready to realte yet. However, it could suffice as a good precaution to children about the dangers of technology and the harm cyberbullying can create, it would make for a great preventative.

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