Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peek for a Week

Peek for a Week in Room 9.

Peek for a Week is an excellent education tool and technique that can greatly help and encourage children to learn in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. By using a variety of media outlets children have endless possibilities for learning. Means of technology allow for education to not be so dry and traditional, by using technology you are incorporating what kids are interested in with learning, it makes for a much smoother and exciting learning experience. Bringing technology into the classrooms steers way from what is considered traditional schooling, which I find to be a good thing. Children do not learn the way they once did, they do not even learn the way I did when I was in elementary school

I find that this would be a great thing for parents as well! Parents can visually see what their children are working on and this may allow for them to be more hands on and involved in their child's education. Additionally, they will be able to track their child's progess.

These types of techology weren't even available to me as a child in school. However, I do remember how exciting "lab" day was, where as a class we would visit the computer lab for about 45 minutes and have to choice to play different games that were available. I find that this media outlet is an incredible learning tool and experience for both the child and the teacher. I hope that I am able to teach in a school that allows for this type of learning. I would most certainly like to give my kids these opportunities to learn in ways that I did not. I want to be able to proive my students with these luxuries that can enrich their education greatly. We are living in such a technological time that we must take advantage of it in every asect possible.


  1. I enjoyed this blog post. I hadn't considered the parent's perspective. It really could be a great way to follow a child's progress!

  2. Kara: I think your experience playing games and using the computer as an independent software activity is very common, not just in past schools but many of our schools today.

    The vision of computing use I'm sharing in our class is that we should be PUBLISHING and sharing our work with computers... and Rachel Boyd certainly demonstrates that in her class.

    Great job on this reflection, both in sharing your thoughts and successfully linking/embedding Rachel's video. :-)