Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Edutopia - Nafiza!

I really enjoyed this video. I find that Nafiza is doing a great job at what she is doing. At first I was a bit taken back for it seemed as though all she did was play video games that were not educational, however, technology does have to be just for fun and not always for educational purposes. I can most certainly relate about her addiction to technology. My cell phone is used as myalarm clock, I do not in fact own an actual alarm clock. I also always have my iPod in, music is something I cannot go a day without, therefor having something such as my iPod is an essential and easily assesible item.

I found that the different games the Nafiza had that allows for teens to get a better understanding of what is happening in the world around us was an excellent thing. The news can be somewhat difficult to understand, especially for people of that age, by making something available to them that they are able to understand invites teens to be more involved and active in the world and the issues that may be occuring in other countries. I found like game about Darfur a bit disturbing at first because it was made into a game when in real like the situations occuring there are horrific, however, it made me see that it helps teens and young adults to grasp a better understanding of how life really is for those who live in places such as Darfur. I know that when watching the news or reading different ariticles I too do not always understand everything that is being said, so having a different means of media to help explain that helps me to have a deeper understanding of what is going on around the world.

Digital Youth Portfolio for Nafiza.

I believe Nafiza is doing a great job and using technology in an educational manner, as well as for entertainment value. She seems to be a great student with ideas to help other teens, like herself. She is not just using technology as a means to pass the timewhen she is out of school but she is using it to reach out to others and help.

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