Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mrs. White's Wiki's...

Paralley Play or Collaboration.

I personally thought Mrs. Whites video about using wiki spaces was very informative and a great video to be shared in the classroom. She touched base on numerous ways that students can post their thoughts and ideas, and even questions about certain subjects they may be struggling with or are just simply interested in knowing. Wiki pages can be used for education, as well as entertainment purposes. Mrs. White's knowledge of wikis and such sites is very appearent and it something that s benefical to students.

Having the access to the supporting wiki, WikiThink available was nice since the video was a bit hard to see. I really enjoyed and could connect with this video. I have in several cases attempted to use new forms of technology and found myself confused and a bit overwhelmed. This video offered so many different options and information that it would seem impossible not to have comments or blog topics to discuss. I would love to use a video such as this one in my classroom to help students to use their voices in a different and exciting way. I believe kids would enjoy using something such as wiki pages because it's somewhat looked at as a 'grown up' thing and kids alway want to do what the 'big kids' are doing, so to speak. I think that Wiki sites and other sites like the Parallel Play or Collaboration have loads of potiential to serve as educational outlets for both students and teachers. I do hope to share things like this with my own classroom.

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  1. So glad you were able to utilize the supporting wiki links!